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Our Mission


 The mission of the International Confederation of Christian Family Movements is to promote, encourage, and help the Christian Family Movements so that the organizations and their members live their human and Christian vocations and bear witness to the essential values of the family, based upon the faith as announced by the Gospel and proposed by the teachings of the Catholic Church. The ICCFM shall support the expansion of the CFM in those countries where it is established and shall try to establish it where it does not exist.

The ICCFM is committed to provide the leadership to the worldwide local community-based CFMs in the total development of the family and it will do this by:

  • 1. Formulating and implementing the ICCFM Strategic Plan in a participatory and decentralized manner with the continental and national CFM Councils.

  • 2. Facilitating and promoting effective and efficient communication between the IC and the Continental Councils (CC), between and among the ICs, and between the IC and the National Councils (NC).

  • 3. Promoting effective communication and partnership between the CFM and the other Church-endorsed organizations promoting the development of the family.

  • 4. Developing, resources generating, and managing the implementation and evaluation of global CFM development programs.

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