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Christian Leadership Program 2: Teamwork and Conflict Resolution


Introduction to ICCFM 2ND Leadership Program



Dear Friends, we are happy to provide you this 2nd on-line ICCFM leadership module on Teamwork and Conflict Resolution. These are two critical competencies that Christian leaders must develop and use to enable them to lead their teams to accomplish the mission God has given them to do.

While a leader must always preserve peace and unity between and among himself/herself and his/her team, conflicts will always arise within the team and with members of other groups/teams.

Conflicts arise from differences that surface when they work together to accomplish a task. It is important for a Christian leader to have the mind and heart of Jesus, our model of a Good Shepherd, and the skills that can be learned to resolve conflicts successfully within the team.

From this 2nd leadership module, you will learn what are the factors that make for effective teamwork as well as the factors that could destroy it; what are the sources of conflict; what are the attitudes of people in a conflict situation; and what the Christian leader can do to solve successfully a conflict within his/her team, always by the grace of God. Central to effective conflict resolution is discerning God’s will in the conflict situation and seeking what is beneficial for both parties involved in the conflict. The Christian leader will learn the steps and the skills in resolving conflicts within his/her team successfully. 

This 7-hour informative and formative leadership module is ideal for a complete team to participate together. Otherwise, it can be given to a group of people gathered together to gain the knowledge and skills important for Christian leaders.

We appreciate the support on the elaboration of this program to Josie and Jorge Santamaría, national presidents of CFM-Philippines.


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